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The best options for Hoedspruit Accommodation in three categories

In this blog, we will explore the best Hoedspruit accommodation options, divided into three categories: high-end luxury safari lodges, safari lodges in Hoedspruit itself, and self-catering lodges.

High-End Luxury Safari Lodges

Monwana is the best high end luxury option for Hoedspruit Accommodation
Monwana Luxury Lodge in the Thornybush Game Reserve

For travelers seeking a high-end luxury safari experience, Hoedspruit has some of the best options in South Africa. Here are the top picks when looking to stay in luxury in one of the reserves that surround Hoedspruit:

  1. Monwana: Monwana is the most high-end luxury lodge near Hoedspruit, located in a private reserve. Guests can enjoy guided game drives, bush walks, and spa treatments. The lodge has luxurious accommodation, and the experience is all-inclusive. Monwana is one of the most sustainable and ethical lodges in South Africa.

  2. Royal Malewane: Royal Malewane is the next best thing after Monwana, situated in the Thornybush Private Game Reserve. The lodge offers luxurious accommodation and activities such as game drives, bush walks, and spa treatments.

  3. Kapama Private Game Reserve: Kapama Private Game Reserve is another high-end luxury safari option located near Hoedspruit. Guests can enjoy luxurious accommodation, game drives, and bush walks. The reserve is not open to Kruger National Park.

Safari Lodge Accommodation Hoedspruit

Safari Moon is one of the best options for Hoedspruit Accommodation
Safari Moon Lodge in Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit itself also offers several safari lodges that provide a more budget-friendly option compared to the high-end lodges. Here are the top picks:

  1. Safari Moon: Safari Moon is a rustic lodge located in the green and peaceful heart of Hoedspruit. The lodge offers stunning accommodation, game drives, and bush walks.

  2. Bushbaby River Lodge: Bushbaby River Lodge is situated on the banks of a beautiful dry riverbed and has won prices for the best bed and breakfast of South Africa.

  3. Rafiki Bush Lodge: Rafiki Bush Lodge is operated by one of the most talented field guides in the area. The lodge offers peaceful accommodation with mountain views.

Self-Catering Hoedspruit Accommodation

Anatares is a beautiful hoedspruit accommodation with a photography hide
Antares Bushcamp

For travelers who prefer a more independent style of travel, there are several self-catering lodges in and around Hoedspruit. Here are the top picks:

  1. Ujabule Lodge: Ujabule Lodge offers affordable self-catering accommodation in the heart of Hoedspruit. The lodge has a swimming pool and communal cooking facilities.

  2. Southern Sands Eco Lodge: Southern Sands Eco Lodge is located in a nature reserve just outside of Hoedspruit and offers tented self-catering accommodation. The lodge has a swimming pool, a Riverview and a very talented chef that can cook for you.

  3. Antares: Antares is a self-catering lodge located in a private game reserve called Grietjie. It offers 100% private accommodation and the bonus of a beautiful photography hide.

Bonus: Villa Accommodation Hoedspruit

monwana leopard sighting big5 monwana leopard sighting big5
Nomads Den

Nomads Den is a category in itself that offers a unique accommodation option. It is perfect for travelers who need reliable power and internet and want to have a stunning location that provides the safari experience while still being close to the buzz of Hoedspruit. Nomads Den offers a private luxurious villa with all the comforts of home, situated on the dry riverbed often frequented by beautiful wildlife. It’s an ideal option for digital nomads or travelers who want to strike a balance between modern convenience and a wilderness experience.

Hoedspruit is a great destination

In conclusion, Hoedspruit offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every traveler’s preferences. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxury safari lodges, safari lodges in Hoedspruit itself, self-catering accommodations, or a unique location with reliable power and internet, there is something for everyone. Monwana, Royal Malewane, and Kapama are excellent choices for luxury safari experiences. Safari Moon, Bushbaby River Lodge, and Rafiki Bush Lodge are ideal for those who want to stay within Hoedspruit itself. Ujabule Lodge, Southern Sands Eco Lodge, and Antares are great options for self-catering accommodations. And Nomads Den is the ultimate choice for traveling Digital Nomads or workations.

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